G34 Gen4 Competition | 9x19mm


The G34 Gen4 Competition Pistol is a G19-sized G34 with the same features as the G17, G22, and G35 pistols. It has an extended slide and barrel to accommodate 9x19mm ammunition. The pistol comes equipped with fixed sights and includes 3 magazines: 2 high capacity 17-round magazines and 1 10 round flush fit magazine.

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GLOCK 34 Gen4

The Glock 34 is Glock’s first venture into the world of custom, large frame pistols. The Glock 34 Gen4 offers a number of new features and improvements over the Glock 17 gen 3 model that it was designed to replace. It has a modular backstrap system with three different sized back straps for shooters to choose from: small, medium, or large. This allows shooters to customize the grip feel on their gun based on hand size and trigger finger reach.


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